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About Nicole 
Nicole Metz may be new to our team, but she’s not new to training. She grew up on a ranch just outside of the metroplex and began working with police dogs at the age of 9. She was already an avid horse competitor and trainer, and she discovered that her passions lie with understanding and working with all animals. As Nicole moved through Junior High and High school, she not only worked with her own animals, but she traveled all around the country helping other kids with their dogs, horses, and cattle. By the time she graduated High School, Nicole had won numerous awards with her horses, had paid for college with her champion steers, and was a champion dog trainer with her dogs Roscoe and Wolfjack. College and Adult life took her in another career direction as she joined the Air Force and then became a professional Ballroom dancer. Through all of that, however, she never lost her passion for animals, and she and her husband have 2 incredible dogs. 2 years ago, Nicole and her husband welcomed their daughter into their family, and Nicole became a stay at home mom. Since then, between the diapers and chasing a toddler, Nicole has continued to help friends with their dogs, and is in the process of training her own dogs as a service dog and search and rescue dog. You might’ve even seen her and Georgie around the area practicing. Nicole has realized the need for an affordable and reliable dog trainer and asked if we could use her here at Animal Addiction. She is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you, and helping those who want to create a stronger bond with their own amazing animal!

Helping those who want to create a stronger bond with their own amazing animal!