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About Animal Addiction Concierge
Hello! My name is Rocco. My friends call me the “The Rock”. My mommy says that’s my nickname because I am like a rock. Strong and unbreakable! In November, 2 years ago on Thanksgiving I jumped off the bed and hurt my back! I had to have emergency back surgery. They gave me a 25% chance of making it but my mommy prayed and believed that I was as strong as a “Rock”. My mommy had to sell almost everything we owned to fix me and to make sure I had the best care for my surgery and rehabilitation. My mommy quit her job so that someday I will walk again without my wheelchair, but “why walk when you can roll’. She started Animal Addiction Concierge to help others out there that need help. My mommy is animal CPR trained and first aid certified. She is also insured and bonded for you protection. I trust my mommy with my life. If you need help please check out our services. You will find them very reasonable. She is trying to make sure that someone out there offers great pet care that should not cost a PAW and a CLAW! More about me, I walk around The Shops of Legacy a lot. Next time you see me; stop and say Hello! “The Rock”
Hi! My name is Callie. My mommy is the best mom in the whole world! She make sure I have my favorite treat. She is well trained :). We take trips to Pets mart; which I love! And she takes me hiking! I am only 3 years old, but I weigh 4 lbs. so I am a big girl. I love to play with my toys (I have a toy box full if you touch I will get you). So Watch Out! 
​I’m Pebbles. I was born and raised at home with mommy. She actually helped delivery me. A few years ago my mommy had a conference for her work for three whole days. I longest days of my life, she boarded me. My birth mom (Bella) and my brother (Rocco) at a well-known pet kennel, we had the best suites. When my mommy returned to get us, my birth mom was very ill as well as my brother. They had contracted kennel cough. After a visit to the vet my birth mom died of respiratory failure. I MISS HER SO MUCH! My brother got better after treatment from the vet, which was rather expensive. My mommy made all of us a promise that we would never stay anywhere else but home. Thanks mommy Pebbles!
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